Welcome to basis2

basis2 is the billing and customer management solution for the world-wide utilities industry. basis2 is designed to cater for single and multi-product organisations, allowing simultaneous processing of all utility products, including consolidation into a single bill.

With web based access, basis2 ensures that vital customer and billing details are always available to support operational and strategic decisions. By being function rich and suitable for the regulated, transitioning and competitive markets, basis2 allows companies to successfully compete in this evolving industry.

Some of the basis2 benefits


– Data driven configurations
– Personalisations replace custom coding
– Supports both customer-centric and premise-based models 
– Choose your integration partner with an open support model


– High performance, high integrity system
– Utilises sophisticated multi-streaming techniques
– Independent of the operating system
– Developed to operate at peak efficiency on any platform validated for Oracle and Oracle Applications


– Easy to configure and maintain 
– Exploits features and capabilities of Oracle – world leading application platform
– Implementation costs of approximately half the industry standard
– Reduced ongoing upgrade and maintenance costs


​– Proven – 100% referenceable customer base
– Full feature and function
– Industry standard language, technology and tools
– Knowledge transfer, allowing you to be in control

basis2 Services

basis2 technology is not limited to use only within the utilities industry! The flexibility of basis2 enables it to be used to bill customers for a range on any metered or cyclically billed products or services.

Let us help you enable utilities to succeed in any market, whether it’s static or evolving, regulated or competitive.

Customers and partners of basis2 may submit a request via the support service b2support.


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